Wisconsin Bombing – Don’t Cater to Alienated Losers

In case you missed the thrilling news, a group – or more likely a single, friendless man calling themselves “Jane” – fire-bombed an anti-abortion office in Wisconsin.

Is this our plan for changing the world? Not mass action. Not electoral organizing. No – we need lone heroes to save us.

Nothing says “I have no faith in my fellow citizens” like running off by yourself and setting off a bomb. Or a fire. Or a rock through a window.

This isn’t about ethics. It’s about strategy. You know, like having a plan and finding other people to work with. Damn hard, isn’t it?

You might actually have to talk to other people who don’t entirely agree with you. You might actually have to reach consensus.

And guess what? You don’t get to be the hero. Sorry, “Jane” – I’m outing you as a white male techie who hates your life, has no friends, and dreams of being a hero.

Looks like you failed.

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