Books & Writings by Luke Hauser…

All available as free PDFs – most also in print and online.

Journals, booklets, & essays – free PDFs!

Youtube Videos from Direct Action

Magic, Activism, Magical Activism, Etc

Practical Organizing Resources – lotsa free downloads

Anti-Racism Curriculum from Reclaiming’s DARC work group

Direct Action Handbooks – free downloads

Direct Action newspaper – back issues – free downloads

Foreword to Direct Action by Starhawk

Productive Meetings – free chapter from Starhawk’s Empowerment Manual – Reclaiming’s current-posts website, plus links to activist chants playlists and more – co-edited by Luke Hauser

GroundWork magazine – 1990s classic co-edited by Luke Hauser – download back issues

Funky Nixons – Berkeley’s finest – download or listen on all streaming services!

The Magical Writer – classes and free course booklet

Campfire Chants and Chants Playlists – activist and Earth-friendly chants and songs by Starhawk, Thorn Coyle, and others – produced by George Franklin aka Luke Hauser

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

The Bosse BullSheet – classic 1970s underground paper from Indiana co-edited by Luke Hauser – more issues on the way!

Activist & Pagan Chants Playlists – songs for rituals, street activism, and more – free online

Revolutionary Pagan Workers Vanguard – 30+ pages of activist & pagan satires from the pages of Reclaiming Quarterly

Economic Musings by Luke Hauser – short and sometimes funny!

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