Youtube – A History of Nonviolent Direct Action


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Direct action has a long and honored place in American history – from the revolution itself through abolitionists, suffragists, union organizers, civil rights advocates, feminist and gay rights activists, and on to today’s vibrant climate and social justice organizing.

Join author Luke Hauser for a profusely illustrated 25-minute journey through our past. We’ll focus especially on nonviolent organizing from 1980 to the present, with sections on the 1980s anti-nuke movement and 2011’s Occupy actions.

Other sections include our historical legacy, as well as photos from recent climate justice actions by Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, Youth versus Apocalypse, and more.

This video was originally created as a slide show – with actual celluloid slides, narrated in-person – for the 2003 release of Luke Hauser’s book, Direct Action: An Historical Novel.  It was rewritten and updated with many new images in early 2020.

So make a big bowl of popcorn, pull up your beanbag chair, and get ready for a journey through our history!

Watch the History of Direct Action video!

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Photos: Top = Janet Delaney / Lower = George Franklin


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