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Welcome to Luke Hauser’s Direct Action: An Historical Novel

You can read the novel online, or download the book as a PDF. (Print copies available at Amazon.)

Or start with the Foreword by Starhawk, who was involved in many of the actions covered in the book.

You’ll also find links to resources, music, and miscellaneous fun stuff that the characters from Direct Action have been involved with over the years.

Please help spread the word by forwarding a link to friends, comrades, social contacts, newsgroups, church newsletters, party propaganda organs, etc. Scrawling it on bank walls is also much appreciated. Author and publisher thank you in advance for doing our work for us!

What is this book?

In the early 1980s, over 7000 people were arrested in a series of nonviolent direct action protests in California – a movement that helped shape today’s activism, from Seattle WTO to Occupy and beyond.

The novel recounts the actions, the lessons, the love lives, and the misadventures of a radical Bay Area community experimenting with political and artistic direct action, consensus, nonhierarchy, feminism, and a host of other social issues and practices.

“Brought back the experiences so vividly that I could smell the unwashed bodies, feel the cold and the rough wool of the blankets, and taste once again that inimitable combination of spam and fruit cocktail that the guards called ‘The Empire Strikes Back!'” — Starhawk, from the Foreword

Includes over 300 photos and images from the Direct Action newspaper archives, plus a 35-page direct action handbook.

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