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Luke Hauser’s New Philosophy Mystery

Direct Action author Luke Hauser’s second novel – a murder mystery steeped in Western philosophy – is now available in print, as well as downloadable PDF and read-online versions.

Proceed at your own risk.

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Being & Nothingness: An Epistemological Murder Mystery

Philosophy professors are getting bumped off.

Humble yet diligent grad student Jeff Harrison sets out to apprehend the killer while unravelling a few of the mysteries of Western philosophy in the process.

It’s not all blood and guts and dead professors. You’ll meet:

• Johann the paralogical custodian

• Watson the behaviorist cat

• Minerva’s opinionated owl

• Facticus Maximus, an Ancient Roman who sets out to know everything that could be known (and dies a miserable, tormented soul).

Converse with cantankerous philosopher-spirits from Plato and Descartes to Beauvoir and Wittgenstein, who seem to think they know more than our narrator about how to solve a murder mystery.

Visit the Temple of Logic, Paradox Cafe (where all the waiters are liars), Logico’s Diner (Home of the Hot & Hunky Humeburger), and Club Pascal – the hottest philosophical nightspot in the tri-county area.

Play a round of Hermeneutical Jeopardy and watch an episode of Philosophy Court, the top-rated shows on the Metaphysical Channel.

You’ll even learn some Western philosophy along the way. But take note – there will be a pop quiz in each chapter!

Warning! Contents Under Pressure!

Not to be taken internally except on the advice of your metaphysician!

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“The funniest philosophy book since Spinoza!” – P. Bayle, Paris

“Laughter is just a conditioned response.” – B. Skinner, Cambridge

“Affirms the value of logic in solving murder mysteries.” – S. Holmes, London

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