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Bring Your Cow on BART!

As BART plans expansion eastward toward Vacaville and Stockton, the design department is working overtime to accommodate the needs of BART’s newest riders with special bovine-friendly cars.

Bring Your Cow to Work cars have begun appearing on BART trains. Several designs are currently being cattle-tested, and your feedback to BART Central will help decide which design to order.

Feedback button at <> – let BART know how excited you are to have seats removed from cars to make room for cows!

Option A provides a Cattle Aisle adjacent to the left seats, allowing riders to sit with their cows.


Option B offers a special cattle section mid-car, where cows can mingle with their own species en route.


Option C places the cattle zone near a door so cattle can exit first (which they will try to do anyway).


Please let BART know your choice, and any other thoughts you might have about removing seats from BART cars.

Feedback button at <>