Magical Journal!

Friends, Pagans, Activists, and Reclaiming folks,

Some of us from the recent Magical Writer class (taught online by Irisanya and George) plan to publish a journal of writings we shared in our class.

We invite others in our network to submit short writings, poetry, graphics, artsy photos, riddles, operettas, or other creative works. See below for guidelines.

Deadline: August 31, 2020

Email: <>

We don’t know yet whether this will be a one-time journal, or evolve into something more. If you want to help it happen, or you have questions, email us.


Length – poems any length; creative prose up to 2000 words (please don’t send more and ask us to cut); send as a Word doc if possible.

Graphics specs – graphics or artsy photos 300dpi, B&W or color.

Include – Your name and contact info, name you wish printed, one-sentence bio (tell us who you are)

Content – our journal is intended to share creative, informational, and inspirational writings from or pertaining to the wider Reclaiming community.

We welcome announcements of Reclaiming-friendly books, music releases, etc. We do not plan to announce classes or events, since our publication schedule will vary.

Our journal is not a good place to publish debates or contentious writings, since we don’t know if or when others might be able to respond. Please take debates etc to the elists, where all can participate in a timely fashion.

Thanks – we look forward to hearing from you!