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Brexit – Trashing 200 Years of British Strategy


What exactly is the strategic thinking behind Brexit? Not the emotions or the economics, but the geopolitical strategy?

Consider – Britain fought several world wars, beginning with the French Revolution, to prevent continental Europe from uniting against it. WWI and WWII continued the strategy – break up the continental bloc.

Whether it was the French under Napoleon or the Germans under the Kaiser or Hitler, the strategy remained the same – no sacrifice of life or wealth was too great to assure that Britain would never face a united Europe.

Indeed, Britain fancied itself the arbiter of the continent, able to throw its weight in one direction or another to prevent a power bloc from developing.

A Whimper and a Whine

Now, in 2020, Britain with a whimper and a whine hands the keys to the continent to Germany and France – England’s arch-enemies from 1700 to 1950.

Has the global balance of power so changed that a small island nation is best to go it alone while continental Europe’s economic and political power grows unchecked on its border?

Or has the decrepit British ruling class, bereft of its beloved empire, simply turned in to gaze upon itself as it fades into oblivion?

Demographic postscript – the voting on Brexit was strongly age-skewed. The young said no, the old farts said yes.

Safe to say, the decision will be eventually reversed, and this generation of Brexiteers will be scorned forever after.

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