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Teen Earth Magic: A Workbook

Luke Hauser is back with a magical workbook for teens and teachers, focused on youth empowerment, awareness, and action.


Teen Earth Magic features interviews, articles, workings, and exercises from the annual Northern California youth camp, which was created in cooperation with Earth Activist Training teacher and organizer Starhawk as well as teachers and organizers at Witchlets in the Woods family camp.

The camp, co-created by all participants, focuses on activist skills, interpersonal relations, community involvement and awareness, and sharing skills for changing the world and ourselves. 

Filled with photos from over a decade of Reclaiming-tradition youth camps, this 300-page book is 50% magical activist handbook for young people, 50% exercise compendium for teachers – and 100% inspiring for everyone!

The current draft is available as a free downloadable PDF. A print edition is planned for early 2019.