The Funky Nixons are featured in the historical novel, Direct Action by Luke Hauser

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Members of the Funky Nixons have been active in Bay Area direct action protests and community events for over twenty years, and have spent time in many of the region's finest jails.

Read about the exploits, actions, and misadventures of the United States' most vibrant radical subculture - complete with over 300 photos and other images, many of them feature don this website.

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Still Not Crooks

Radio Free Nixon Shows

Here's all 18 songs from the Funky Nixons' first CD, plus three of the four Radio Free Nixon radio shows. Completely free.

Please download them and play them a lot! Give them away as birthday presents. Post them to elists and bulletin boards. Put them on your friends' iPods when they aren't looking.

At the top are songs from the band's notorious CD, Still Not Crooks. You should definitely download and memorize these songs immediately.

Following that are some radio mixes starring the Funky Nixons. Radio Free Nixon features tightly-edited sound-bites from such prestigious sources as Ronald Reagan, Daffy Duck, and Monty Python and dozens of others, plus the music of the Funky Nixons.

At the end are songwriting credits for the truly obsessive.

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Individual Songs

Track Title Notes
1 Screw the Rich A customary set-opener
2 (You Must Be) Stupid Reworking of SF Mime Troupe gem
3 Murder Guilty!
4 We Love the Pope Booty-Call for recovering Catholics
5 Smoke a Joint with Jesus Smoke along at home
6 Bum Rap We're afraid of everything!
7 Surprise Surprise Not so surprising...
8 L. A. Driver On the Sunset Strip
9 Savings and Loan Where did the money go?
10 Barbara Bush's Dog I wish that I could be...
11 Criticized With Moe, Larry and Curly
12 Minimum Wage A true story
13 Big Fish Un grande pescado
14 Hot Stuff Leaking out of barrels all over the place
15 Paris in the Moonlight A little romance
16 Move to Arizona Win the lottery, move...
17 We Support the Troops We really do
18 Immigrant Man Immigrant man, lost his land

Radio Free Nixon

Berkeley's DJ Milhous pillaged American pop culture to create these sound-collages featuring the Funky Nixons' music. Sound-bites from Groucho Marx, Richard Nixon, Monty Python, Shakespeare, the Wizard of Oz, Daffy Duck, vintage radio commercials, and dozens of others sources are spliced into a 20-minute radio show originally aired on Berkeley Liberation Radio.

Please pass these shows along! Play them really loud at parties. Play them on your own radio station. Call your friends and play them into their answering machines. Thanks!

Note - In our humble opinion, the third show is the best

Radio Free Nixon - Second Show

Radio Free Nixon - Third Show

Radio Free Nixon - Fourth Show

Radio Free Nixon - Intro segment

Songwriting Credits

Screw the Rich - Lyrics George Franklin / Music Hank Williams
(You Must Be) Stupid - Bruce Barthol (SF Mime Troupe) / New Lyrics Mark McDonald
Murder - Lyrics and Music Joseph Samudio
We Love the Pope - Music Parliament / New Lyrics Funky Nixons
Smoke a Joint with Jesus - Lyrics and Music Funky Nixons
Bum Rap - Lyrics Sheila Harrington / Music Funky Nixons
Surprise Surprise - Lyrics Mark McDonald / Music Rolling Stones
L. A. Driver - Lyrics and Music Joseph Samudio
Savings and Loan - Lyrics and Music Mark McDonald
Barbara Bush's Dog - Lyrics and Music George Franklin
Criticized - Lyrics and Music Joseph Samudio
Minimum Wage - Lyrics George Franklin / Music Traditional
Big Fish - Lyrics and Music Joseph Samudio
Hot Stuff - Lyrics and Music Funky Nixons
Paris in the Moonlight - Lyrics and Music Joseph Samudio
Move to Arizona - Lyrics and Music George Franklin
We Support the Troops - Lyrics and Music Mark McDonald
Immigrant Man - Lyrics and Music Joseph Samudio

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