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Even as we speak, the Funky Nixons are waiting in their underground studio, anxious to play their songs for you!

When you click the links above, an encoded digital message is sent to the band, which through the miracle of modern technology will perform the song live - directly into your computer!

Please allow a minute or so as the band downloads a few Pilsners and gets ready to perform.

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Funky Nixons and Friends

Photos by Gene Wiens and Steve Nadel/COMA

Here are some miscellaneous shots of the band and friends.

David Nadel, co-creator of Ashkenaz Dance Hall and tireless defender of People's Park, joins the Funky Nixons onstage at the Park.

Maxina Ventura joins the Funky Nixons to sing "The Diggers' Anthem," the theme song of People's Park.

The Funky Nixons' manager, Mr. Bibby (often seen lurking along the sidelines of a show), treads on an American flag in the finest Berkeley tradition.

A Funky Nixon strums his guitar at a People's Park gathering.

"We Support the Troops," flag-waving anthem of the Funky Nixons since the 1991 Gulf War.

The band onstage at People's Park in the early 21st Century. Photo by Lydia Gans.

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Photos 2005 by Gene Wiens and Steve Nadel/COMA. Please do not copy, reproduce, fold, spindle, mutilate, or otherwise use them without written permission. Thanks!
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