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Stomp the Stumps at Ashkenaz

Photos by Gene Wiens and Steve Nadel/COMA

The Funky Nixons' favorite performing venue over the years has been Ashkenaz Dance Hall in West Berkeley. The band has played benefits for many causes at the club over the years.

These photos are from the Stomp the Stumps benefit to save Headwaters Forest and other old-growth forests. The benefit was sponsored by local Earth First! groups, and happens in September of each year.

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Dancers stomp the stumps and save the forests.

"Hot Stuff."

"Smoke a Joint with Jesus."

More Funky Nixons photos.

Photos 2005 by Gene Wiens and Steve Nadel/COMA. Please do not copy, reproduce, fold, spindle, mutilate, or otherwise use them without written permission. Thanks!
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