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Funky Nixons: Live in People's Park

Photos by Gene Wiens and Steve Nadel/COMA

The Funky Nixons have performed at People's Park anniversary shows most years since 1991.

Each year in late April, several thousand people gather to celebrate the anniversary of People's Park, founded by direct action protests and occupations from 1969-1972, and defended many times since.

The Funky Nixons have sung, danced, vigiled, gardened, served lunch, violated curfew, and been arrested at People's Park.

When a 1990's anniversary show was washed out by a sudden downpour, the Funky Nixons took the stage in the rain with an old acoustic guitar and a tambourine to do their set for the fifty remaining die-hards.

On another occasion, when police raided a concert and confiscated the PA amplifier, members of the Funky Nixons - who were preparing to perform at that moment - stashed their own gear, then ran down the street carrying the speaker cabinet to the safety of the Chateau student coop, two blocks away.

For these and other conspicuous acts of valor, the band was awarded the honorary title "House Band of People's Park" by other organizers.

Watch for the Funky Nixons most years at the People's Park Anniversary show, usually held in late April. (People's Park is located near Dwight and Telegraph in Berkeley. Food Not Bombs serves free community lunches there on weekdays.)

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A beautiful April afternoon in the Park.

The Funky Nixons take the stage.

"We Love the Pope."

"L.A. Driver, down south..."

The forces of decency and order take a sausage break. At their left is the Free Box, a clothes-recycling box that has been torn down by the authorities and rebuilt by local people many times.

Wavy Gravy and his pet trout join the Funky Nixons to sing "Big Fish" at a late-90s anniversary show.

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Photos 2005 by Gene Wiens and Steve Nadel/COMA. Please do not copy, reproduce, fold, spindle, mutilate, or otherwise use them without written permission. Thanks!
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