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An historical novel set in the San Francisco Bay Area 1982-1984

Jeff, the narrator, joins the anti-nuke movement just in time to take part in the June 1982 Livermore blockade, in which over 1300 people are arrested.

From this springboard, Jeff and his newfound community of friends and co-workers launch into a dozen actions and thousands of arrests over the next two years, culminating at the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco.

Along the way they learn about the nature of direct action, collective organizing, and building a community.

The actions are interspersed with discussions of everything from protest tactics to feminist process, leavened with enough offbeat humor to keep the story rolling.

Direct Action is an unrivaled story of resistance and celebration in the depths of the Reagan era, and resonates with lessons and inspiration for today.

Among the protests and events included in this wide-ranging narrative:

  • Livermore Weapons Lab

  • Vandenberg Air Force Base

  • Concord Naval Weapons Station (Port Chicago)

  • San Francisco Financial District

  • Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

  • War Chest Tours

  • Rock Against Reagan

  • Berkeley Anti-Reagan Festival

  • The Spiral Dance Ritual

  • and a lot more!

Illustrated with over 300 photos and graphics from the period. Includes a 35-page direct action handbook.

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