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An Historical Novel by Luke Hauser

Reviewed by Dress

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As someone who first became politically active in the 1980s, I cannot say enough about the importance of Direct Action. Its release is incredibly timely, given the despair many must feel with the current world political situation, and the arrogant stance of the Bush administration.

Direct Action shows how people came together in the face of a similar administration (Reagan/Bush I) to create a tapestry of actions and relationships that sustained us through those times and up to the present. It shows the chaotic beauty of how an individual comes to grips with his/her own fears of defying the societal norms that tell us to "just obey," and crosses the line to challenge a government out of control. We faced the challenges as a movement, all of us learning how to work together in a more democratic way.

Many of us arrested back in the 80s are still on the front lines of direct action and resistance, and are very encouraged by the upsurge in protests of government policies and practice, particularly against an illegal and unjust war.

Direct Action shows that activists are just ordinary people, too, people who have found the faith and courage to do what we all know is right in our hearts. Read it, enjoy it, and look within for your own call to courage and faith.

Dress is a longtime activist with East Bay Food Not Bombs and Critical Mass, and plays baritone sax with the Funky Nixons.

Book features a Foreword by Starhawk. 768 pages. 300 illustrations. $9.95. Ages 16-up. Published by GroundWork. Contact

Reprinted with Permission.

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Download entire book as a 60Mb PDF

Order the book now!