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An Historical Novel by Luke Hauser

Review by Culebra De Robertis

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If only every social justice movement had as dedicated an historian and storyteller as Luke Hauser!

Fortunately, Direct Action encompasses issues, events, tensions, and victories that matter to anyone who has ever worked, prayed, or dreamed for an end to injustice in this world. All of us can draw empowerment and insight from the tales, the travails, and (of course!) the photographs in these pages.

Hauser deftly evokes the complex issues and tensions, thrills and queries of the 1980s anti-nuclear movement. By dramatizing history, he invites it to sink into our bones as only well-told stories can.

Whether you hail from anarchism or feminism, ecology or spirituality, global justice or the anti-nuclear movement itself - or whether you are simply a person who believes in the urgency of social change - this book holds valuable jewels for you.

With a Foreword by Starhawk. 768 pages. 300 illustrations. $9.95. Ages 16-up. Available from GroundWork. Contact

Culebra De Robertis works with Bay Area Women Against Rape

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Download entire book as a 60Mb PDF

Order the book now!