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Direct Action: An Historical Novel

A tapestry of resistance - here is the crucial back-story to today's nonviolent protest movements, leavened with a dose of humor.

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Resources and direct action handbooks are also posted on this site, including the Direct Action handbook.

Download the Direct Action Handbook and other grassroots handbooks.

Available free in PDF and text formats. Many resources are included in the appendices of the novel.

Many other resources and various fun stuff!

Luke Hauser - ParaJournalist At Large

Being and Nothingness: An Epistemological Murder Mystery
Luke Hauser's new philosophy-spoof-mystery - free online!

The Hardy Girls Mysteries - kids' chapter books, adult satires - from Luke Hauser (writing as Dixie W. Franklin)

Teen Earth Magic Workbook - empowerment and organizing for young people!

Luke Hauser's photojournalism is featured at - visit the site index for activist features

He co-edited GroundWork, a national grassroots photo-magazine in the 1990s - free downloads on this site

He also teaches the Magical Writer and other Reclaiming-tradition classes

And he allegedly played with the infamous Funky Nixons, whose music is available free on this site.

Click here for more fun stuff from Luke Hauser and GroundWork!